Phosphate Fertilizers

Few countries in the world are blessed with natural resource of rock phosphate which forms the base raw material for the production of phosphatic fertilizers. Rock phosphate are being used by certain countries for direct application to enhance the soil properties but majority of the volume are used in the production of merchant grade phosphoric acid which is the raw material for all chemically produced phosphatic fertilizers. Phosphatic fertilizers are broadly classified as follows:

  • Di ammonium Phosphate 46% P2O5
  • Mono ammonium Phosphate (44%, 48%, 50% and 52%)
  • Triple Super Phosphate (TSP)
  • Double super phosphate (DSP)
  • Single super Phosphate (SSP)

Wilson handles large volumes of rock phosphate used in the manufacture of phosphoric acid for the manufacturing facility in India. Wilson procures phosphoric acid for the Indian and Bangladesh market at regular intervals.

Finished fertilizers namely DAP are being traded by Wilson to the South Asian markets.